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In The Netherlands, over 468,000 bikes are stolen each year

Prevent this from happening by protecting your bike from theft and material damages and enjoy 24/7 assistance in case of emergency.

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If your bike is equipped with a GPS tracker, we could ask you a screenshot of your application in case of theft that proves that your bike was well equipped with the GPS tracker during the theft. More information here.

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... €/year

or ... €/month
Theft of your bicycle
... paid back during 3 years*
24/7 assistance
Towing your bike in case of puncture or accident
Vandalism or accident
Full paid back for repairs over ...
Total loss
0 € paid back during 3 years*
*Depreciation is applied from the 4th year onwards


... €/year

or ... €/month
Theft of your bicycle
... paid back during 3 years*
24/7 assistance
Towing your bike in case of puncture or accident
Vandalisme or accident
Full paid back for repairs over ...
Total loss
... paid back during 3 years*
*Depreciation is applied from the 4th year onwards
It is mandatory to read the information document on the insurance policy before purchasing the contract. 

Protect your bike:

24/7 assistance

Your electric bike’s battery ran down faster than expected or you had a puncture on the road? You don’t have to push your bike all the way home!

If you have trouble on the road (accident, puncture, battery, theft, etc.), we come and repair your bike on the spot free of charge, and if necessary, take you and your bike home.

Theft protection

Let’s say you go for a drink and despite locking your bike properly, someone manages to steal it. We refund the original purchase price during the first 3 years (more info here) and no excess. We reimburse your fixed accessories in case of theft, including locks (more info here).

We also pay for your taxi home (up to €500).

Material damage protection

We pay for repairs to your bike when material damage has been caused by an accident, vandalism, flood, or fire and other external events. An excess of € 35 applies. We reimburse your fixed accessories in case of material damage, including locks (more info here).

We know that you don't go anywhere without your bike, which is why we will reimburse you the cost of renting a replacement bike, up to a maximum of € 15 (incl. VAT) per day and for a maximum of 3 consecutive days.

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  • The bike must be locked with an approved lock either ABUS (security 10 or higher), ART (category 2 or higher), FUB (2 wheels or higher), or Sold Secure Silver (or Gold) and must have been attached to a fixed point during it's theft.
  • Wheels, tyres and electric batteries are not covered if they are stolen separately from the bike.
  • Esthetic damage (scratches, bumps, etc.) is not covered.
  • Damage as a result of participation in a cycle race is not insured.
  • In case of repairable material damage, an excess of € 35 shall be applied per claim.
  • A depreciation is applied from the 36th month onwards.
  • See the full list of exclusions in our general terms and conditions.

Who is Qover?

Qover is an European insurance company that offers various insurance products, including its flagship product: bicycle insurance.

Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers have already placed their trust in Qover.

Why trust us?

Get the best protection before you ride your new bike!
Therefore, we have teamed up with highly reliable partners to create this policy.

Qover is the go-to insurance partner for all digital companies. Qover is an intermediary registered with and regulated by the FSMA (Financial Services & Markets Authority).
They will take care of you whenever you need assistance.

NN is the largest Dutch insurance and asset-management company, a sound, reliable company with a focus on personal insurance.

Europ Assistance is the obvious partner if what you want is flawless assistance when you need it most

Why Qover ?

Happy customers
Fast and easy claim processing
File your claim online in 5 minutes!
As soon as they receive it, our experts calculate the amount of your compensation.
We are here to help.
The Qover experience
Full coverage, 100% digital, for a better price.

Do you have a specific question?

We are happy to advise you.

FAQ relating to bike insurance

In case of emergency

For emergencies on the road (24/7) : 020 532 07 06.

Please only use this call for emergencies, not for anything else.

Advice from the bicycle insurance experts

Any questions? We are here for you.

We will be happy to supply any details concerning your bike insurance policy and its benefits.

Is there a depreciation applied on my bike value?

No depreciation is applied to your bike value during the first 36 months (3 years). So for the first 3 year, you will receive the full value of your bike, minus the deductible.
At the beginning of the 4th year, the compensation will be 75% and at the beginning of the 5th year, it will be 50%.

Don't forget that the insurance contract will be terminate after four tacit renewals, i.e. at the end of the fifth insurance year. This way, you are not insured for too long and the insurance is always adapted to your needs.

Are my accessories covered as well?

Yes. When there is a theft or damage, the fixed accessories that are included in the insured limit are covered. The accessories have to be firmly fixed to the bike to be insured. Portable bike related accessories (e.g. bike computers and/or navigation equipment), which are easily removable, are excluded from the coverage in case of theft. 

The wheels, tires, battery or not insured accessories are not covered if they are stolen separately.

You are not sure about your insured limit? You can check this FAQ or contact us.

What kind of bicycles are covered?

A two or three-wheel vehicle which can be moved only by muscular effort (with or without a mechanical auxiliary motor) and can remain so, provided that the speed of the auxiliary motor does not exceed 25 km/h, if applicable. We do not believe that the effectiveness (autonomous steering up to 10 km/h) is such as to alter the general character of the bike.

A second-hand or new bike that is less than 12 months old at the time of purchase of the insurance, except in the case of revaluation.

We cover bike from 250€ to 10.000€

What is theft insurance?

We insure bikes against theft and damage caused in the event of theft or attempted theft, as well as theft or attempted theft caused by assault.

What is material damage insurance?

We intervene in the event of material damage to the insured bike:

  • accidentally caused to the insured bike by external forces or accidentally caused by yourself;
  • caused by an act of vandalism;
  • caused by contact with animals or natural elements such as fire or flood.
What are my obligations?
  • The bicycle must be locked with a either ABUS (security 10 or more), [AXA Hiplok, Kryptonite, Linka (with chain), MasterLock, texlock, Trelock] and it is a VdS approved lock of class A+ or B+, or FUB (category 2 wheels or higher) approved, or approved by Sold Secure Silver (or Gold) or by approved ART category 2 (or higher), or Onguard locks and SRA Locks AND used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. The bike must ALSO be locked to a fixed point (e.g. a post) at the time of the theft. Examples of approved locks here. 
  • You must file a statement concerning the theft of your insured bike with the relevant police authorities within 24 hours of the incident.
  • You must supply the purchase invoice of your bike when filing a claim for compensation.
  • You must file your claim as soon as possible after the incident and within 8 days of the time when you became aware of the incident.
  • The information you supply when taking out the policy must be accurate.
  • If the bike is more than 30 days old, you must supply photographs when taking out the policy.
Where is the insurance contract valid?

Theft and property damage cover is valid for claims occurring in a country of the European Union, in the UnitedKingdom of Great Britain, in the principalities of Andorra and Monaco, in Vatican City, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland.

The Assistance cover is valid in the Netherlands (and 20 kilometers outside the national borders of theNetherlands). The covers of this section apply when the bike is out of use on a road that is accessible to the public.

Legal mentions

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De vrijstelling

Om de verzekering goedkoop te houden, voegen wij een vrijstelling toe van 10% van de waarde van de fiets met een minimum van 50€ en maximum 200€.

U betaalt dus slechts 200 € voor een gloednieuwe fiets ter waarde van 2000 €.


Eigen risico

Als de kosten van de schade hoger zijn dan het bedrag van het eigen risico*, betalen wij de schade die het bedrag van het eigen risico overschrijdt.

*Het eigen risico is 35€.

Als u bijvoorbeeld een fiets van 1.000 euro koopt, is het bedrag van het eigen risico 35 euro.

  • Als het bedrag van de schade €30 is:
    U betaalt zelf voor de reparaties omdat deze minder kosten dan het bedrag van het eigen risico.
  • Als het bedrag van de schade €500 is:
    Wij betalen 500€ - 35€ = 465€.

FUB, ART 2 or Sold Secure Silver goedgekeurde sloten

Voor meer informatie kan u volgende website raadplegen:
- ART (minimum 2 stars)
- Sold Secure Silver (or Gold)

U kunt ook contact opnemen met de winkel waar u uw fiets heeft gekocht of met een andere vakhandelaar.
Uw fiets moet met het ART-goedgekeurde hangslot op een vast punt (paaltje ...) worden vastgezet.