What does bicycle insurance cover?

A clear understanding of what you stand to gain when you insure your bicycle with an insurance company is very important. This allows you choose what insurance plan is best for you based on the kind of bicycle you own and also to know what your bicycle insurance plan covers and what it not covers.

A bicycle insurance is simply an insurance policy specially designed to cover your bicycle, you as the rider or both. To get the best out of your bicycle insurance if you are planning to insure your bicycle, you should be duly informed. It also helps if you are already on an insurance plan that is not favorable enough in terms of coverage. It helps you make decisions fast and smart.

What kind of bicycles can you insure?

A bicycle insurance can cover a wide range of types of bicycles, some of which include:

  • Mountain bikes
  • Electric bikes
  • Road bikes
  • Folding bikes
  • Chainless bikes
  • Cargo bikes

The bicycles listed above all have their different functions and price ranges. It is best you make proper documentation of your bicycle type and price when plan on getting your bicycle insured.

What are the bicycle insurance policies that are obtainable?

Home owner content insurance policy

If you have a home owner insurance in place, then your bicycle is most likely insured alongside the other contents in your home. However, there are some disadvantages attached to this policy and you should not rely solely on this form of insurance for your bicycle.

The major limitation of this insurance policy is that it only covers damages done within your home. So, you are not eligible to make a claim if any damage or loss happens while you’re not in your home. Another limitation you may face with this policy is that your bicycle might not even be covered under your home content. Most home content insurance covers contents from £1,000 upwards. This implies that if your bicycle is less than this amount then your bicycle would not be insured. If your bicycle costs more than £1,000 make sure you confirm from your insurer if your bicycle is insured.

Bicycle specific insurance companies

This is by far the best way to get your bicycle fully insured. Bicycle insurance companies are specially developed to serve you and your bicycle needs. They have a wider range of coverage and services than the home content insurance policy. It is the safest and assured way to get your claim in case of a damage or loss.

Most of these companies offer hefty discounts and cover your bike up to a much higher level. They would also require that you put in place good theft precaution. Since your bicycle is more vulnerable to theft, damage at home, it is advisable to get this kind of insurance.

When incidents such as puncture, battery or theft happen on the road, a good bicycle insurance company would come to your rescue irrespective of the place or time, and if necessary, take you and your bike home.

What does your bicycle insurance cover?

The feeling of riding your bicycle to work knowing that your insurance has you 100 percent covered could just put a bold smile on your face. You are safe from any form of cost when any mishap happens to you or your bike. And because most accidents and thefts are usually unforeseen even when you have put appropriate measures in place.

Bicycle coverage

Bicycle theft:

Recent study shows that 345,000 households in Europe suffered from bicycle theft in France in 2016. This study also shows that only 7 % of the victims are recovering from their stolen bicycles. This number of victims would keep increasing because of the fast growth of electric bikes sales in Europe. Since the price of an e-bike could be significantly above £1,000, this increases the risk of theft.

However, if your bike is insured, your insurance company gives a refund for the cost of your bicycle as long as necessary precautions were taken. Your insurance company may not be able to give you a refund if your bicycle was stolen as a result of your negligence.


Your insurance company provides the cost for repairs If at any point in time your bicycle gets hit by a vehicle or any other form of accident happens.

Bicycle hire replacement

Once you have laid your claim about the damage or theft of your bicycle, your insurance company could also cover the cost of hiring an alternative bicycle to use to commute while your bicycle is undergoing repairs or being replaced.

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