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Over 300,000 bicycles are stolen in Germany every year

Protect your bike from theft and material damages and enjoy 24/7 assistance in case of emergency.

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The insured value is the value of your bike, the fixed accessories you add to the bike and the lock. Take into account the VAT.
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If your bike is equipped with a GPS tracker, we could ask you a screenshot of your application in case of theft that proves that your bike was well equipped with the GPS tracker during the theft. More informations here.

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PROMO - ...%


... €/year

... €/month
Theft of your bicycle
... paid back during 3 years*
24/7 assistance
Towing your bike in case of puncture or accident
Vandalism or accident
Full paid back for repairs over ...
Total loss
0 € paid back during 3 years*
Wear and tear
Paid back for wear and tear of technical parts
*As for the 4th year, a depreciation is applied
PROMO  - ...%


... €/year

... €/month
Theft of your bicycle
... paid back during 3 years*
24/7 assistance
Towing your bike in case of puncture or accident
Vandalism or accident
Full paid back for repairs over ...
Total loss
... paid back during 3 years*
Wear and tear
Paid back for wear and tear of technical parts
*As for the 4th year, a depreciation is applied

How do we help protect your bike?

24/7 assistance

Your electric bike’s battery ran down faster than expected or you had a puncture on the road? You don’t have to push your bike all the way home!

If you have trouble on the road (accident, puncture, battery, theft, etc.), we come and take your bike to a repairer free of charge, and if necessary, we take you home or wherever you needed to go by bike.

Theft protection

You went for a drink, and although you locked your bike properly it’s been stolen? We refund its full value. No excess and no depreciation of your insured limit during 3 years.

We also pay for your taxi home (up to €500).

We've got your battery's back! 24/7 battery protection when it's stolen separately, because we know how electrifying theft can be.

Material damage protection

We pay for repairs to your bike further to material damage caused by an accident, vandalism, flood, fire (e.g. battery) and other external events after applying the excess of 35€.

We know that you cannot do without your bike, this is why we will reimburse you, the cost of hiring a replacement bike, up to a maximum of 15 EUR including all taxes per day and for a maximum of 3 consecutive days.

Wear and tear

Your battery doesn't last long enough anymore ? Your brake stops working properly ? We will pay for the replacement of the broken technical parts during 3 years, without depreciation or excess. 


  • For the theft coverage to be valid, you must use a certified bike lock and attach your bike to a fixed object.
  • Wheels and tyres are not covered if they are stolen separately from the bike.
  • Cosmetic damage (scratches, bumps, etc.) is not covered.
  • Damage further to participation in a cycle race is not covered.
  • The depreciation as for the 4th and 5th year.
  • See the full list of exclusions in our general terms and conditions.

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Advice from the bike insurance experts

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Do you have a specific question?

We are happy to advise you.

For emergencies on the road (24/7) : +49 800 589 39 21.

FAQ relating to bike insurance

Any questions? We are here for you.

We will be happy to supply any details concerning your bike insurance policy and its benefits.

Which kinds of bikes are covered?

We cover all types of two- and three-wheeled bikes that can only be started and propelled by human force, and the assistance speed of which, if applicable, cannot exceed 25 km/h.

We also cover second-hand bikes provided they are less than 12 months old at the time of purchase. In the case of second-hand bikes and new bikes over 30 days old, we will ask you to send us recent photos of your bike when taking out the policy.

What is theft insurance?

We insure bikes against theft and damage caused by theft in the event of theft or attempted theft, as well as theft or attempted theft further to assault.

We also insure, 24h/24, the theft of the battery of the insured electric bike, if it is stolen separately (i.e. if the bike itself is not stolen).

What is material damage insurance?

We cover material damage to the insured bike:

  • accidental damage caused by external forces or by yourself;
  • damage caused by vandalism;
  • damage caused by contact with animals or by natural events such as fire or flood.
What are my obligations?
  • The bike must be locked with a bike chain that is either approved by VdS (class A+ or B+), FUB , Sold Secure Silver (or Gold) or ART category 2 (or higher) used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The bike must ALSO be locked to a fixed object (e.g. a post) at the time of the theft.
  • You must file a statement concerning the theft of your insured bike with the relevant police authorities within 24 hours.
  • You must supply the purchase invoice of your bike when filing a claim for compensation, as well as proof that you were still in possession of the keys to the bike lock at the time of the theft.
  • You must file your claim as soon as possible after the incident and within 8 days of the time when you became aware of the theft.
  • The information you supplied when taking out the policy must be accurate.
  • If the bike is more than 30 days old, you must supply photographs when taking out the policy.
Where does the coverage apply?

The theft and material-damage coverage is valid for incidents in EU Member States, the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Andorra, Monaco, the Vatican, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland.

The assistance coverage is valid in Germany and 20km around the German borders.

Can I cancel my insurance?
  • You can cancel your insurance after one year. You must notify Qover of this at least 2 months before the expiry date.
  • You may cancel your policy if we change the amount of the premium or the general terms and conditions.
  • As from the second year of insurance you can cancel the insurance anytime for any reason.
  • You may cancel your policy at the latest 1 month after payment or upon the refusal to pay compensation. You can choose the cancellation period, but the contract ends at the latest at the end of the current insurance period.
  • You may cancel your insurance within 14 calendar days of purchase or of receiving the contract.

Legal mentions



To keep premiums down, we apply a deductible of 10% of the bike’s value with a minium of 50€ and a maximum of 200€.

This means that if a bike is worth €2000 the amount of the deductible is only €200.


Approved bicycle lock

To find out if your lock is approved, please check the list of approved certification below:
- VdS (class A+ or B+)
- ART (min 2 stars)
- Sold Secure Silver (or Gold)

You can also contact the shop where you bought your bike or any other specialist retailer. Your bike must be secured with the approved lock at a fixed point (pole ...).