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The amount to be indicated is the cost of the bike, the cost of any fixed accessories you add to the bike and the anti-theft device. Include VAT. More info
If your bike is equipped with a GPS tracker, we may ask you for a screenshot of your application in the event of theft to prove that your bike was indeed equipped with the GPS tracker at the time of theft.More info
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Theft + Assistance

  • Theft of your bike
  • 24/7 assistance
    Towing your bike in the event of a puncture or accident
  • Vandalism
  • Accidental damage
  • Total loss


/ month
74.3% of Qover customers chose omnium insurance.
  • Theft of your bike
  • 24/7 assistance
    Towing your bike in the event of a puncture or accident
  • Vandalism
  • Accidental damage
  • Total loss
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Material damage

Conditions to be met
We have received the invoice from the shop for the repairs to your bike.

We are proceeding with the payment immediately.

We hope that you will be able to collect your repaired bike soon.
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09 78 46 61 24

24/7 assistance


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Easy and quick
Easy and quick registration process
9 August 2023
Fast, clear and easy to sign up. Also competitive pricing
9 August 2023
Great service
After i had a little accident with my bike. I got in contact and there costumer support. And they helped me well!
8 August 2023
After our bicycle got stolen
After our bicycle got stolen, process of reimbursement was clear and reaction rather swift. It was nice to have received an e-mail with a name and not an anonymous handler. Qover delivered as promised.
8 August 2023
Very efficient! Quickly handled.
8 August 2023
High efficency service
High efficency service. Very good team, very good follow up
8 August 2023
Fast and uncomplicated
8 August 2023
Quiet correct but took a lot of time
The agent was polite but it took 2 months to settle the case! He forgot about me at some point, and I had to send in the same papers a couple of times because he could'nt read them. That was a bit akward.
In the end I got the money so business is closed.
8 August 2023
Helpful persons
Helpful persons, very kind and humans. They help me despite the circonstances, they consider the situation before the contract. I recommend them !
8 August 2023
Easy and quick arranged insurance
Easy and quick arrangement.
Can't say more as I haven't had any experience additionally :) which is good anyway.
7 August 2023
Solid Choice for New Ebike Owners
Setting up insurance with Qover was fairly simple and easy. The security options and pricing they offered makes them a great choice for beginner ebike owner.
6 August 2023
Great plus to having the premium Monzo account!
6 August 2023
Easy, and affordable
Easy, chepear than alternatives, needed help, got it quickly when an issues arose. Highly reccomend
6 August 2023
All good so far. I hope I never have to claim anything!
6 August 2023
Great service & reactivity
3 August 2023

Questions about our insurance

Are my accessories covered as well?
Is there a depreciation applied on my bike value?
What kind of bicycles are covered?
What is theft insurance?
What is material damage insurance?
Does my insurance also apply abroad?
What are my obligations?
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Get the best protection before you ride your new bike!
Therefore, we have teamed up with highly reliable partners to create this policy.

Qover is the go-to insurance partner for all digital companies. Qover is an intermediary registered with and regulated by the FSMA (Financial Services & Markets Authority).

They will take care of you whenever you need assistance.

NN is the largest Dutch insurance and asset-management company, a sound, reliable company with a focus on personal insurance.

Europ Assistance is the obvious partner if what you want is flawless assistance when you need it most



To keep premiums down, we apply a deductible of 10% of the bike’s value with a minium of 50€ and a maximum of 200€.

We do not apply any depreciation/ageing for 3 years, which means that we will always take your purchase price as a reference. Contrary to most of our competitors, your bike therefore loses no value, even after 3 years. We only deduct the deductible.

This means that if a bike is worth €2000 the amount of the deductible is only €200.


English deductible

If the cost of the damage exceeds the amount of the deductible*, we pay it in full. You don't need to pay anything, not even 1€.

If the cost of the damage is equal to or less than the amount of the deductible, you pay it yourself in full.

* Amount of deductible = 10% of the total purchase price of your bike with a minimum of 50€ and a maximum of 200€.

For instance, if you purchase a €1,000 bike, the amount of the deductible is €100.

  • If the estimated amount of the damage is €85:You pay for the repairs yourself as they cost less than the amount of the deductible.
  • If the estimated amount of the damage is €500:We pay the FULL amount of the repairs. The deductible does not apply and you pay nothing.

FUB, ART 2 or Sold Secure Silver approved locks

To find out if your padlock is approved, please visit the relevant websites:
- ART (minimum 2 stars) www.stichtingart.nl
- FUB https://www.fub.fr/antivols
- Sold Secure Silver (or Gold) https://www.soldsecure.com/

You can also contact the shop where you bought your bike or any other specialist retailer.
Your bike must be secured with the ART-approved padlock at a fixed point (pole ...).