Essential steps to take before filing a bike insurance claim

As a bike rider, it is never your desire that any form of accident happens either you or your bike. But if this should ever happen, you would be exceedingly happy and grateful to yourself that you got a bike insurance before the accident. Bike insurance plans were created for a time such as this. A bike insurance plan essentially covers you in two different cases, if your bike gets stolen or when any form of accident damages your bike.

A basic understanding of what documents you are required to present to your bike insurance company when you are to file an insurance claim is essential. This allows you to get all the necessary documents you need prior to the time you are filing the claim to make your claim process quick and easy. It also ensures that your file claim would definitely be settled as long as all the necessary steps and documents required by the insurance company are fulfilled.

Bike Insurance claim process varies for different bike insurance companies. The claim process is just in order to justify that the theft or accident actually occurred. All of these steps are to ensure that your insurance claim is fulfilled without any hassles and as fast as possible.  

1. Appropriate Insurance company and plans

Purchasing the right bike insurance policy and plan is one of the most important and fundamental steps to consider. You should only choose a bike insurance company that offers care and is well trusted. A bike insurance is a stand-alone insurance that covers your bicycle when stolen or damaged. Ensure you read the policy stated in your insurance contract to note all the inclusions and exclusions. Also note that different insurance companies have their specific policies.

2. Your Bike Documents

If you get involved in an accident with your bike and you want to apply for the claim, make sure you have all the required documents prior to the time you are making the claim. Depending on the claim, you will be asked to provide some specific documents and information.

In case of theft, some of the details you require to have a fluent claim process include policy number, copy of police report, IBAN number, incident report, copy of the invoice of the purchase of your bike, full details concerning the incident, pictures of scene of the incident and also provide keys of your lock.

When filing a material damage claim due to accident flood or fire, you would be asked to provide your policy number invoice of your bike, personal information, copy of police report, pictures of damages.

In the case of material damages due to attempt of theft, you would require to provide information and documents as material damage due to accident, flood or fire. You also need to notify the police as soon as possible.

3. Inform the insurance company immediately

For a case of theft, report the incident to the police and notify the insurance company as fast as possible. In case of an accident, take proper care of yourself first, ensure you are fit and then fill in the insurance company about the incident.

4. Request for help/advice form a legal practitioner

if you need help understanding the terms of insurance policy, you should speak with your lawyer. This would also help you verify the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

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