Why I should insure my cargo bike?

Insurance is not a strange phenomenon to us. Working hard to build solid financial footing and owning properties, and then losing everything at a whim is devastating and can lead to deep sadness. So, we insure to make sure that if this happens, losing properties for instance, or being involved in an accident, we are covered and protected.

Cargo bikes.

Cargo bikes are bikes specially made to carry more than just their rider (made to carry two or more people) and for transporting loads. We use them for errands, business, carrying children (including taking them to school), carrying dogs, etc. while enjoying the richness of our communities and neighbours.

Sales of cargo bikes in Europe have been growing rapidly, with cargo bikes for private and for commercial use growing equally. The market share for electrical bikes is growing, with majority of cargo bikes being sold having an electrical assist.

Why you should switch to cargo bikes.

  1. Cargo bikes are eco-friendly. You might want to play your part in preserving our word, keeping it safe, and reducing the effects of global warming. However, you’d still need to move around, and cargo bikes are a wonderful alternative to traditional mobility options like petrol vehicles. They have a low carbon footprint and they cut noise and air pollution.
  2. Cargo bikes enhance family bonding. A mother can decide to take a ride with her babies through her neighbourhood, sightseeing and spending quality time with her little children, bonding as a family.
  3. Everyone has easy access and ease of use for cargo bikes. All age groups, abilities, and genders.
  4. Cargo bikes offer versatile applications, are easy to park, and promotes entrepreneurship.

Important brands of cargo bikes in Europe.

Below are listed important brands of cargo bikes in Europe and their origins.

  1. Bullit (Denmark).
  2. Gazelle (Netherlands).
  3. Workcycles (Netherlands)
  4. Babboe (Netherlands).
  5. Omnium (Denmark).
  6. Pilen (Sweden).
  7. Nihola (Denmark).
  8. Douze Cycles (France).
  9. Multicycle (Netherlands).
  10. Bakfiets (Netherlands).

Why you should insure cargo bikes.

Insuring your cargo bike is very important. Here are reasons why:

  1. Personal property or asset: A cargo bike, like a house, a car, or a smartphone, is an important asset for many of us. A bike is a valuable personal property and taking measures to protect personal property is worth it.
  2. Protection: A cargo bike is insured as a personal property in the event of damage, theft, or loss. For example, you take your cargo bike to a supermarket to do your grocery shopping. After doing the shopping, you cannot find the cargo bike where you parked it in (cargo bikes are quite big, and it is not easy to park inside, thus the risk of theft is higher). If you are insured, there will be no need to panic because you know you are covered, and the cargo bike will be replaced. If you are not insured, then unfortunately a theft or loss of cargo bike might be really painful and annoying, especially when you take in the cost (both financial and opportunity cost) to you.
  3. Also, in the event of a damage, if you are insured, be rest assured that fixing the damage will be taken care of by your insurance company. On the other hand, if you are not insured, the financial cost to you will be out of your pocket.
  4. Expansive coverage: Depending on the type of cargo bike of insurance, your cargo bike can be covered expansively. It is covered both while it is stored at home or you are using it outside of your home for recreational purposes, errands, business, or personal use like taking your children to school. So, if your cargo bike is stolen in a public place or from your home, you have coverage. If it is damaged in a public place or at home, you have coverage.
  5. Assistance: Assistance from your insurance company is important for cargo bikes because cargo bikes are more complex than standard bikes. When damaged for instance, it is more complex to carry to the bike repairer. However, with assistance, you need not worry about this, or anything at all.
  6. Peace of mind: Insuring your cargo bike is you doing a great service to yourself. You do not have to worry about the state of your cargo bike or it getting stolen. This does not mean you should not be cautious and take responsibility though. It means it’s not something you will be worried over unnecessarily and you can focus on yourself and your activities freely.

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