Why should I add an Invoxia GPS tracker to my bike insurance plan?

When Pierre got home, as per usual, he fastened his bike to a street post with an ART2-certified lock. The next day, he awoke to a notification on his iPhone that his bike had been moved.   

He knew he was covered by Qover in case of theft, and that his bike was equipped with an Invoxia tracker, so he didn’t worry too much. He also knew that if his bike had been stolen, his insurance provider would reimburse him for the cost of a new bike, since he had locked his bike up properly. 

Therefore, after breakfast, he left the house in search of his bike and headed to the last location indicated by the tracker on his smartphone, which led him to the right location. He looked around but couldn’t see his bike, so he used the Bluetooth proximity radar to find the garage door behind which his bike had been hidden.

He called the police right away. They opened the garage door and, in less than 6 hours, he had retrieved his bike. He gave the policemen the tracker’s GPS history, which would help them identify the thief thanks to the city’s surveillance cameras. 

That’s the story of a customer who chose to add an Invoxia GPS tracker to his Qover insurance plan. 

If you’re wondering why you should add an Invoxia GPS tracker to your Qover insurance plan, read on…

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What are the benefits of an Invoxia tracker?

The Bike Tracker comes with 3 years of free subscription and has a battery life of up to 3 months, so you can rest easy until the next time you charge it. Afterwards, your subscription will cost you only €9.99/year. 

The Invoxia Bike Tracker is waterproof and has no range limit, so it allows you to locate your bike wherever you are. The Bike Tracker sends out its location every 5 to 10 minutes when it’s in motion, depending on your settings and available service in the area. If your bike is being moved suspiciously, an anti-theft alarm will send you an alert notification and you’ll be able to locate the tracker thanks to the GPS function on your smartphone. 

In addition, you’ll be able to define geographical areas such as “school,” “work,” “grocery store,” etc. You’ll be notified when the tracker enters or leaves these areas. 

Furthermore, the Invoxia Bike Tracker is suited to all types of bikes. You can easily latch it onto your bike by slipping it into its light-reflecting sleeve and fastening both onto your seat post. 

Lastly, the tracker can’t be removed easily due to the unique key that opens it. Safety guaranteed. 

Invoxia Bike Tracker

Why should I protect my bike in the first place?

Bike theft has been on the rise in the last few years. In France, an estimated 400,000 bikes are stolen every year. 

Unfortunately, very few of the stolen bikes are ever found because they lack a security system (bike lock, alarm…) or a GPS tracker that would deter thieves or allow the bike to be traced in case of theft. 

With an Invoxia GPS tracker, you’ll protect your bike. The GPS tracker will track all of your bike’s movements, and you’ll be notified in case of suspicious movement. 

Which bike insurance plan should I choose?

Qover offers 2 insurance plans — standard and omnium — which work for every type of bike. 

The standard plan offers 24/7 anti-theft protection. The omnium plan offers the same coverage, plus material damage protection. Qover insurance is fast, transparent, and 100% digital. 

Qover insurance is available in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Austria and the United Kingdom, and it’s partnered with over 100 bike shops. 

Furthermore, you can purchase Qover coverage for bikes from brands such as Veloretti, Cowboy, Mediahuis, RadPower bikes, etc, directly on their website. 

What does 24/7 Qover assistance mean?

Qover coverage will provide you with assistance in case you run into trouble on the road: accident, battery issues, theft, flat tire… 

For instance, if your bike’s battery ran out faster than expected or if you get a flat tire on the road, we’ll send a tow truck to fetch you and your bike and take you home or to a repair shop. 

What does Qover theft protection offer? 

If your bike was stolen even though you’d locked it and followed all the proper precautions, Qover will reimburse you for the entire cost of your bike, less the deductible. 

In addition, you’ll be refunded for your ride home (up to €500). 

What does Qover material damage protection offer?

If your bike was damaged due to an accident, vandalism, flooding or other outside factors, Qover will reimburse you for a replacement bike rental, up to €15/day (taxes included) for 3 days in a row. 

In short, the Invoxia tracker will complement your Qover insurance plan. The tracker’s GPS system not only prevents suspicious movement of your bike but also allows you to locate it in case it does move. If a thief destroys the tracker, Qover’s theft protection guaranty will kick in and you’ll be reimbursed in full for your bike. 

Moreover, when you combine a GPS tracker with a Qover insurance, you get a discount on the insurance price !

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